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So here is my first bog on wordpresstrick, this might be kind of confusing and mixed valued topic covered in it. But things will be very clear soon I’ll start publishing my blogs here regularly.  I’ll publish every tit bits related to wordpress, seo, blogging in this website. The ultimate motto is providing knowledge on the above topic from beginner level to professional level. If you can’t understand some part or terms used here then nothing to worry, very soon I’ll publish each term related articles and notify you guys.


Well let me start here what exactly the wordpress is. WordPress is a Open Source CMS(Content Management System) which is developed by using PHP and MySql. WordPress helps you to setup your blog, business website, service website, online store etc. There is lot of language and tools for full filling this kind of objectives, but why we are talking about wordpress only ??? The reason is very simple and effective. In this platform anybody having zero knowledge in technical sector or slight knowledge can create the website, blogs and online stores within some minutes and gradually can converted to the professionals on this field.

Brief History of wordpress:

Here I’m giving the brief history of wordpress, in later part I will explain the history in details. WordPress have started in 27th may of 2003. That time there was not much functionality of wordpress as now but it was very helpful to the people in that time because at that time there was nothing alternative for wordpress. In the starting time the first version was wordpress 0.7 and within this succeeding years from 2003 to 2016 wordpress has released it’s 28 different versions so far. In each of it’s versions it add some more features and functionality and remove the bugs of the previous versions. Currently wordpress has version 4.4 .

Some non geek people are saying wordpress is a very powerful tool for creating blogs, online stores and websites. Word press has different component like Themes, Plugins, Tools, Page, Posts, Category etc. Using which we can create awesome things in our website. There are 60milions of websites developed by using wordpress. Matthew C. Mullenweg is the founder of this most powerful wordpress.

So far wordpress is the bread and butter for near about 25% of web Development Company of the world. There is lots of people and company who are developing various components of wordpress for free and paid.

Very soon I’ll publish more about wordpress, how to install wordpress, wordpress themes, hosting , domain resources etc on wordpress trick.