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Search engine is an application/software/program that search and match user’s query in Search engine database and provide the best relevant results to the user. This search engine is one kind of high potential tool that supplies the results that are stored in other websites.

There are different types of search engine working in the world, among them Google, Bing, Yahoo etc are the most powerful ones.

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Google is the product of Google INC. Google was developed in 1977 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Over the billions of search hits and and billions of business all over the world are affected by this google. So it becomes world’s best Search Engine.

How It Works:

There are thousands millions of WebPages available over the internet. The content, title of each pages are upto the authors choice, but google show very effective results by arranging all the WebPages. Lets see how google is arranging the things and showing us the results.

Spider software or crawlers are the software developed by google with certain algorithm, which search all over the world wide web for various information of different web pages.

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Google uses Googlebot spider for fetching and crawling the webpages. This spider is nothing but an automated software which crawel all over the webpages of various websites and submit the pages to search engine. The  hyper links, keywords, information present in various web pages are fetched by the spider.

There are billions of web pages placed over a large number of machines. Crawler separates the information on site pages from sites and stores it in a page storehouse. At that point information is sent to an indexing module, which strips the substance from these pages and removes key components like Meta title, Meta description, information about pictures and interior links. It then puts the information in a database alluded to as list. Every one of these exercises go on constantly, paying little mind to whether an inquiry is made for pursuit or not.

After a query is made in google:

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When some one enter a search query or anything he/she wants to search in Google search box, then the entered query is break down to the search engine’s readable language . The query module extracts millions of results from the database as per the rank of indices.

How Google gives rank to websites.

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Google has various link based algorithm to determine the rank of certain websites. In the logic of the algorithm Google checks Link popularity, page rank, Link reputation and more other factors to provide best result to user and to give proper ranking to the websites.

Since this is my first article on search engine information. Later i’ll publish how to develop search engine friendly website using WordPress   and various articles on different complicated terms of this articles .