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If you are running a WordPress Website(Both Membership Website or Non-Membership website) which allows public to register on your site, but suddenly you saw lots of SPAM users are getting registered to your website automatically, i know it happens and it’s really very frustrating to remove those spam users one by one, and after that they will re-register automatically. Be sure that there are options on WordPress Dashboard to bulk remove the registered users, after that you can follow the steps for SPAM user prevention.

I know fighting with SPAM is how painful, If you are suffering from the SPAM fighting Pain, then this blog is meant for you.

Well here i have few steps which will help you for getting rid of these spam user registration issues.

  1. Without Using Any Plugin

Your website is not supporting any kind of membership features but still SPAM users are getting into it. Guess how it’s Possible !

By default all WordPress Website allows user registration in a specific URL i.e example.com/wp-login.php?action=register . In this case you have to simply uncheck the Anyone Can Register Options from Dashboard->Setting-> General

In case you are allowing any Subscriber to register on your website, you can simply Enable the Anyone can register option but change the New User Default Role to Subscriber.

2. With the help of a plugin

As you are already well known that using a WordPress plugin to achieve certain task is too much easy than the manual one. But the It’s often noticed that the newbies use third party plugins most of the time where as experienced WordPress professionals prefer manual coding or setting most of the time.

There are many Security Plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, which will prevent the Spam User registration. Beginners or intermediates are advised to use Stop Spammers Plugin for preventing the Spam user registration on any WordPress Website.

3.For Membership Websites:

The above steps are not applicable to you, if you are running a membership based website, in this case simply you have to use any kind of CAPTCHA plugins, which will ask user or members to pass through it while login or sign up. I would like to suggest to use Google Captcha Plugin for this purpose. This is easy to use and compatible with almost all Registration Plugin.

Happy WordPressing, See you in Next Trick 🙂