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This article is very beginner one but explains how to create your website using WordPress. This is very beginner article and any body having no knowledge in website development can develop their first wordpress website by following this article.I will cover starting from domain name registration to website live. Hope it helps for startups and beginners.

Domain name Registration

Before going to create your own website you need to register your own domain name. There are many domain registrar world wide from them we can get our domain name. There are many TLDs(Top Level Domains) available for buy. We need to select the preferred domain name for our business, organisation or blog and get that booked.I trust Godaddy very much as domain provider, so here i put the image of how to register of your own domain.So first you need to Godaddy.com and enter your desired domain name and search if it available then book. Now the domain will be added to your godaddy account. The next step is adding Name Server(NS) to your domain

Domain Registration with Godaddy

A Name Server is the Server’s information in which the domain will host.  Alternatively we call it the domain pointing to the server’s Name server.So for setting this NS you need to logged on into the godaddy account where the domain was purchased. Then click on the Domains options, then you will be shown all the domain’s list which are present in that account. You need to select your desired domain name and  then click on the MANAGE DNS option, here you need to choose custom name server and the server/hosting provider’s name server(This name server has to be provided by your hosting partner or even you can create your own name server even if you have your own web server)

domain-2 domain-3 domain-4

Hosting The Domain into the Server

You need to host your domain in a server, in which you will upload your website development files(coding).So this is the job of your hosting provider’s. After hosting the hosting company has to give you an admin credentials for entering to CPANEL, WHM panel etc. In my article. i’m using CPANEL. Once you are able to get inside the CPANEL, then you will start working on your website development.


Developing/ Designing the WordPress website

After you able to logged in to the website’s CPANEL/WHM panel you need to install wordpress on it.

Installing WordPress:This process is also comming with some sub parts, which i’m explaining below

Create a database in cpanel and assign a database user to it.

Now go to wordpress.org and download the zip file of latest version of wordpress. Currently WordPress has the latest stable version of 4.6.1.

Now go to file manager in CPANEL and go to the root directory(www) and upload the downloaded WordPress zip file into it and then extract the files into the sate directory i.e the root directory

wp config file

Now you will find a .php file inside your root directory i.e wp-config-sample.php and now you have to rename that file to wp-config.php and open this file for edit. Please enter the Database name, Database User name, Database Password in the wp-confing.php file’s desired place.

So we are all set for wordpress installation. In this step you need to open the main website in browser by typing www.yourwebsite.com.You will asked for choosing your desired language, then you need to enter your website title, wordpress admin user name, admin password, email id and click on INSTALL WORDPRESS. So now wordpress is installed.

installing wordpress

Login to wordpress admin panel. Now you can looged into your wordpress admin dashboard simply using www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin.

The front end of the website can be see by entering the website name on web browser. Now we have successfully developed the wordpress website. The next part is to make this website more attractive, user friendly and put necessary information related to your business/service/products etc on the website. There are several components in wordpress like Theme, Plugin, Widgets, Menus etc. You can navigate to these options in wordpress admin dashboard and can make necessary changes on your website.Later i will elaborate in details regarding the above components of wordpress so that it would be easy for you to create your own website in wordpress.