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So this is the time of website, blog and social media. In these time if you have a concept or thoughts then you could share it world wide with social media and website. A lot people also benefited from the information as well as the publisher of the information can be benefited. There is lots of to make money from your blog, i’ll describe those in later part. Here in  i’ll describe how to get more number of visitors to your blog website.

Weather you have a business website or you are featuring your product or service in your website or you have a blog, which you want to promote. There is many things we can do once we made our website popular and able to bring number of visitors to your website.

Steps to increase your website traffic

1.Build an informative & user friendly website

Built an informative website
Built an informative website

No matter what your website is all about, weather it’s your business, service, product or blogging website. First you need to put enough information on your website which describes the objectives of your website very well. Then try to put such content in your website those were helpful to everybody on the concerned field.

Make the website much more user friendly that any body can navigate to your website easily and collect information.

2.Make the website Search Engine Friendly

Make your website search engine friendly

At the time of developing the website we should take care of certain things and be sure that the website is developed in latest technology. The important part is making the website search engine friendly. We need to analyse the various algorithms of google that how google’s crawler works and according to that we need to do proper research on keywords for our website and write meta title and descriptions for the webpages using the keywords. This thing will increase your on-page SEO score more.

3.Publish Fresh, Unique and Relevant content

unique and fresh content

Content is king. Always try to publish fresh content in your website or blog. All the content should be unique and relevant to your website or blog. If you could publish contents in a regular interval in your website that could better to get more number of constant visitors to your website.

4.Write on Latest Trends

Write on Latest Trends

In each week google and various search engine publish their latest trending topics, you can get ides on latest trending topic from google trends. By writing articles on these latest trends could get more number of positive and unique visitors to your website or blog. You can get latest trending topics from google news and your local news paper too.

5.Hire an SEO Consultant

Hire an SEO Consultant

You can take help of some Search Engine Optimization consultant to make your website or blog more popular. The SEO consultant will work on a dedicated and proven strategy on your content and keywords to get you more number of organic visitors. The SEO guy may work for some external link building or some high PR(Page Rank) link building to publish your relevant content in various websites, which could give more rank to your keywords, which results your keywords found in top pages of google search and visitors come to your website.

There are some more easy link building strategy which could drive more number of website traffic to your website and any person having sound technical knowledge can perform those steps, which i’ll describe in later articles.

6. Make your content socialize and Be Engage with your audience


Social media has a great impact in today’s content marketing. There are nearly thirty plus social media websites which have much more impact on making your website popular and getting you more number of visitors. After publishing your articles you can share it in top social media sites like facebook, google+, twitter, linden, pinterest, flicker, dig etc.

After sharing the content and links in social media, try to communicate and be engage with your audience, this could lead you to more interactive forum discussion.